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Makker Studio

At Makker Studio, we don't just shoot pictures, we capture Your Lifetime Memories! We would consider it a great privilege to photograph your memories and be part of your special day! We Makker Studio and we are committed to understand the unique character of your wedding and ensure that its uniqueness is captured in the pictures, video, and photobooks that will become the permanent record of your special day. Our specialized photographers document each couple’s vision of this special event using state-of-the-art photographic technology and true artistic sensibility.

Makker Photo Studio is the chosen provider of fine professional photography. We have the exclusiveness to work as the official photographers for Palace Resorts, Five star Hotels and We have a range of products to offer, all of which will enhance the memories of your wedding making it an unforgettable day.

We also provide modlling/portrait shoot services. Our staff is friendly and accomodating willing to with you as needed to deliver you the best photography experience.We use high resolution professional Digital SLR camera to ensure your picture meet your expectations both in digital and print.

Makker Studio is a premium provider of visual art services. We are a team of professionals in Delhi with expertise in many types of photography, cinematography and film making. We provide a multitude of creative services, with a quality that’s feast for your eyes. We give you a work that suits your requirements, services that you will cherish throughout your life. Technology and innovation is what we work with, and our team of professional artists help you give both in our work. Our skill set is very creative and unique and we assure professional results and excellent business relationship.

our vision

Makker Studio is to be a best photographic company working with the most inspiring people to create the most amazing photographs. Everyone should create their own vision statement to help guide their photographic goal. Everyone sees the world differently and can create an image that no one else would be able to see in the same way.

our mission

To make the experience of reliving and sharing emotions through photography easy, enjoyable and profoundly intense.To attract more people to digital photography. To create new styles for enjoying photos and to propose new consumer experiences, thanks to a wider use of pictures.